Saturday, February 17, 2018

New babies, and some updated pictures

New babies!  Hubby told me for Valentine's Day that I could get some baby goats, and I've been waiting to pick up these babies since then.  I wanted specifically a boy and a girl, and I wanted large breed dairy goats.  (I do not want to breed Nigerian Dwarf goats, cute as they are, nor do I want to cross-breed mini goats from a ND buck crossed on a full size doe).  I needed to get a boy, to breed my girls this fall, and wanted him to have a companion his own age.  As I definitely do not need two bucks, the companion needed to be a girl.

Meet Vinnie and Katie!

Vinnie was born Jan 17 and is a Saanen/Alpine cross buck.  Katie was born Jan 23, and is 1/2 Toggenburg, and 1/2 Nubian/Alpine.

I also took some updated pics of the other hoofed barn denizens.

This is Jenny.  She is an 11 month old LaMancha doeling.  Note, no ears!  (She actually has tiny, tiny ear flaps.)  It is difficult to get a picture of Jenny because she is either running or else standing right next to me (makes for some awkward photos).

Jenny with Margot, 2 yr old Alpine doe.

And the last two are my Jacob sheep, Talullah and Daisy.  They are about 7 or 8 years old.

I took a brief video of the critters being silly while I was out in the pasture.  Besides seeing silly critters, you can hear a rooster crowing, dogs barking, and the baby goats hollering.

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