Friday, December 15, 2017

Next project underway!

The Linked Birdseye towels have been finished.  That involves cutting them off the loom, then I stitch at the ends of each towel, cut them apart, and hem.  I use the sewing machine for hemming.  Then they go for a trip through the washer and dryer before I call them done.

I immediately started the next project.  Christmas is coming up fast!  On Dec 10 I started winding the warp (431 ends) and finished the next day.  Then I had to calculate how many heddles I needed on each harness (this is a 4-harness pattern).  I counted the heddles on each harness and made sure to start from the middle.  That leaves approximately an equal number of unused heddles on each side of the frame when I start.

Then I started threading the heddles, keeping track of which threads and which colors go on which shaft.  There is a rhythm to it that develops as you work.

I added the plain warp beam to my loom.  I don't have the configuration of plain and sectional warp beams (and their respective brake mechanisms) entirely figured out yet, but I have both warp beams on the loom and the plain warp beam has its friction brake attached and functioning.

I finished threading the heddles yesterday and started winding the warp onto the back beam.  I am using Tyvek house wrap as a warp separator.  I have the end of a roll (still a lot of wrap on there!) that I got several years ago from Freecycle.

Then I put the beater and reed in place and started threading the reed.  While doing this, I double-checked the pattern that was threaded through the heddles.  I caught two mistakes and had to create two repair (temporary) heddles from size 10 tatting thread.

Then the warp is tied to the front beam, and tensioned, so that weaving can begin.  At this point I found that I had two threads that crossed incorrectly in the heddles.  I had to untie that set of threads from the front, correct that in the heddles, and re-tie to the front.  Then I was ready to finally start weaving!

This is another one of my previously stashed kits from Cotton Clouds.  Much like the Linked Birdseye towels, the treadling and yarn color pattern for these looks more difficult on paper than it turns out to be upon execution.  This kit is supposed to make six towels, and I'm hoping to have them finished by next Wednesday.  I'd like to share these as Christmas gifts for some of hubby's co-workers.

My next project will be the Masters towels from Lunatic Fringe.

I have a Gray Matter kit to do these with, but hubby wants a set in blues, so I'll do those first.   He let me order some yarn for that project.  I got some 8/2 Maysville cotton in half-pound tubes from Great Northern Weaving in some great blues for that.  I will start winding the warp for that project while working on the Rosepath Plaid.


  1. Those blue bird's eye towels are beautiful!!

  2. Thank you! They were a big hit at Christmas. I love the kits from Cotton Clouds!