Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas is done

We made it through Christmas, but barely.  We knew a Christmas snowstorm was on the way, so we delivered gifts before the holiday.  I finished a few things, and some things will be finished later.  Several of hubby's work friends received corn bag heating pads, and some got towels as well.  My dad got a guitar strap woven on my inkle loom.  I gave away all of my Bumbaret towels (love those colors!) as well as the blue Linked Birdseye towels.  I had not finished a hat I was knitting for my mother, so I finished off two of the Rosepath Plaid towels for her.  I used a "cut off the warp and retie" method found online (via Peggy Osterkamp's blog), and it worked well.  I also found that the Rosepath Plaid towels were very long, so I adjusted future iterations of the pattern based on that.  Instead of doing four pattern repeats, followed by a set of red stripes, I'll be doing three pattern repeats and without the last set of red stripes.

I made this fox hat for a friend's toddler, and it came out cute.

I tried to finish this Fading Strands hat for my mother, but didn't finish in time.  I finished it yesterday while knitting at hubby's work, but found it a huge disappointment - too small, and too short.  I'm going to remake it, with needles one size larger, the larger set of numbers, and one extra pattern repeat.

Now I am winding a warp for the Masters towels, in blues, and working on the rest of the Rosepath Plaid warp.

Today I received some heavy texsolv cord I ordered from Halcyon Yarn, and changed out some nylon rope on my front warp rods for texsolv cord.  The rope that was used had huge knots, that left bumps I didn't like when winding on.  This will be much smoother.

I also received a new book today, thanks to a Christmas Amazon gift card from my dad!  I look forward to learning new things in the near future!

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