Sunday, December 10, 2017

Almost finished!

I was able to spend a good stretch of time weaving today, and managed to finish towel #3, and started towel #4.

I should have enough time tomorrow to finish off this warp and, if I'm lucky, to pull out my sewing machine and get them cut apart and hemmed.  This will make two sets of towels - 4 pairs in all - for Christmas gifts.

I started warping up for the next project as well.

This is another Cotton Clouds kit, Rosepath Plaid.  This kit makes six towels.  I hope I can get these done quickly.

Yesterday I got a pattern from Lunatic Fringe (free gift!) to use with the Gray Matter yarns I bought from them probably a year ago.  This is called Master's towels, and I love this pattern!  Hoping to warp up for this one soon.

I showed it to hubby and he said he wanted to see what it would look like in blues.  Today he let me order some blues and some purples to try this pattern in a couple of different colorways, so I have a few half-pound tubes of 8/2 cotton coming from Great Northern Weaving.  Very excited for these to arrive!  Must weave faster!

I also finished a scarf I have been working on during my "knit at hubby's work" days.  This one is made from Juniper Moon Farm "Fourteen", in dark purple.  It is a delicious merino/cashmere wool, knit in a simple mistake rib.  Finished it in time for our first snowstorm of the season.

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