Saturday, November 11, 2017

Very busy weekend!

I have finished a couple of things this weekend!

I finished the tablet-woven lanyard that was on my inkle loom, and even sewed it up into a lanyard.  This will be for hubby's work ID.

I also finished the bumbaret towels on the counterbalance loom!

Those still need to be cut apart and hemmed, then washed and dried.

I had promised hubby that I would finish the towels, and then move the counterbalance loom from our bedroom upstairs, to the basement.  Once I cut the towels off the loom, I proceeded to do just that.  I disassembled the loom and carried it downstairs (I think it took 6 trips, up and down two flights of stairs each time), then reassembled it in the space I spent last week clearing out.

This evening I spent a couple of hours after dinner warping up for my next tablet weaving project.  This is from a book called First Steps in Tablet Weaving by Marijke Van Epen.  I'm using my tablet loom for this project, and I'm hoping to make these into holiday headbands when I'm done.

It took me a few tries to get the pattern right, but I think I have the hang of it now.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Weaving progress!

I have spent the last couple of days putting some time in on the counterbalance loom, and have made some progress!  (I guess that will happen if you actually work on it, right?)

This was my first progress pic today - finally getting the first towel down to the front take-up beam!

I read something somewhere about beating to improve selvedges.  It said to throw, beat, leave the beater there (at the fell line) and change sheds, then return the beater to starting position, repeat.  I've been working on this all afternoon.  I'm finally feeling a little more coordinated with this change, finally speeding up a bit, and I can definitely see an improvement in my selvedges.

I bought some "ruler" twill tape last week and I'm using a piece of this to measure my weaving.  Today I also reached the end of the first towel, and wove a hem and a separator.  I believe the yarn for these towels is 8/2 cotton, and I used a size 20 tatting thread for the specified half-inch hem.  The instructions called for using size 16/2 for the hem, but I don't have any.  You can see the difference that the weft color makes!

I also managed to solve a problem with my shuttles and bobbins.

I have always preferred Schacht bobbins, but I have a bunch of Leclerc bobbins.  Those (Leclerc) are in the shuttles below.  They have flat ends, and those flat edges catch in my Schacht (top) and vintage (bottom) shuttles.  I figured out that I needed something to keep the bobbin away from the ends of the shaft in the shuttle.  I looked around and decided to try the cores from my bobbins of quilting thread.  Those are the little green things in the photo.  They work great!  It's just a tad bit more fiddly to change the bobbin, because you have to keep track of the little green bit and replace it after you change the bobbin, but it's worth it to NOT have the shuttle get stuck in mid-throw.

I also heard from Macomber today.  I emailed them Friday with the information I have on my loom (basically the model and serial number) and they told me the order date for that loom was 7/14/1969. They had no further information, but I'm delighted to find out that much!  I have also determined that it will need a new handle for the rear sectional beam at some point.  I was quoted $65 for the handle.  I'm hoping to make a trip up to the shop itself, in York, ME, at some point to get it.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New loom!

We lost power early Monday morning, along with hundreds of thousands of other New Hampshire residents.  I woke up Monday to no electricity, and lots of fencing down, but thank goodness my sheep & goats had not wandered off.

I had three panels down in the small paddock.  I repaired those, and moved all four sheep & goats to the small paddock until that big stretch was repaired on Thursday.

On Tuesday, my son's friend (who has a pickup truck) went with me to go get the new loom!  We managed to get it into the back of his truck, and tied it down very well.  Didn't stop me from watching it every chance I got, but it never moved.

Once home, we got it into the basement, in a safe spot, until I could make room for it.

Yesterday and today (Friday and Saturday) I worked on clearing out and rearranging the area of the basement where my musical instruments sit.  Then I moved the loom into that area and opened it up.  It fits well.  I can't wait until I have time to warp it!

Yesterday I also emailed Macomber Looms (they are still producing looms, and are located in York, ME) with the serial number of this loom.  They are apparently good at providing a production or manufacture date on their looms.  I am looking forward to finding out how old the loom is!

In the meantime, I have listed my counterbalance loom online, with lots of photos.  I am hoping it sells quickly!  Hubby wants the space currently occupied by the CB loom for a desk, so he can work from home with fewer interruptions.