Saturday, October 28, 2017

More weaving, new yarn shop

I am continuing to make progress on my latest tablet project.

The end is in sight!  Tonight I have made it around the bar below the counter (small purple thing on the top peg).  I've had far fewer errors - in fact, no unweaving in the last day or so (hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

Next week I should be picking this up!  Very exciting!

This is a 10-harness, 12 treadle Macomber loom!  My absolute favorite loom makers!  I know it comes with several reeds, a sectional back beam, and a spool rack.  I don't know what else, but I can't wait to go get this!

And today we were out gallivanting a bit, and stopped by a new yarn shop in (a nearby) town.  This is Merrimack Yarns, in Georgetown, MA.  It was opened by the same people who run Coveted Yarn in Gloucester, which I love.

I picked up a sweater pattern for a child's cardigan, along with yarns to do it in shades of blue and gray for the grandson.  Also a skein of Albina yarn - super soft and fuzzy!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Next project

I started a new tablet weaving project today, learning as I go.  This is my first attempt at continuous warping, and my first attempt at an Egyptian Diagonals pattern.  This is the first pattern from John Mullarkey's "Egyptian Diagonals" book, and I am doing this on my inkle loom, in navy and white #10 crochet cotton.  This is supposed to end up as a lanyard for hubby's work ID.

I managed the warping with only one minor error.  (I included one empty round of all four threads, where I had not dropped a card.  I had to cut the threads and tie them off.)  I am using a knitting counter to keep track of which row I'm on in the weaving pattern; it has a 20-row repeat.  There are 10 different rows, and each row is done twice.

I also got some new weaving cards today!  I ordered these from Palmer Looms, and I love them!  They are a little smaller than the cards I got from John Mullarkey, and they have not only letters (on front and back of the cards!) but they also have different colors on each edge.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A finished piece

I finished my first tablet weaving piece!

This finished at about 40 inches long.  When I started, I used a wingspan (one hand to the next) length of thread, which for me measures out to about 65 inches, so I lost at least 25 inches in take-up and loom waste.  I know I lost a lot in the tying on.  This one used 20 cards, and #10 crochet cotton, and ended up about 3/4 of an inch wide.

Looking forward to my next piece!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tablet weaving!

I got my new tablet loom set up today!  I started warping it at hubby's work, then packed it up and brought it home to finish.

It took me a couple of tries, and the first time I started weaving, I found I had mixed up the placement of several cards (even though I could have sworn I was so careful!).  I took it out, sorted it all out, tied on again, and started weaving.  This looks more like the sampler pattern I was trying to do!  I can see an obvious break in the pattern; I did something wrong there, but I'll keep going.

As I was trying to wind on to the front, the crochet cotton I used to attach my little apron rod to the back beam broke.  I grabbed some texsolv from my floor loom and made little apron rod ties with that.

Looking forward to progressing with this!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New toys!

I see tablet weaving in my immediate future - like tomorrow!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this card weaving loom from Egill's Woodstuffs (on Facebook, but also on Etsy).  It arrived today!

This design was achieved with burning the wood with high voltage.  The result is filled in with crushed stone, in this case malachite.  He also included a small belt shuttle.

I have John Mullarkey's video, "Tablet Weaving Made Easy", on my iPad and I'll bring the iPad, loom, and supplies with me tomorrow.  I'll be parked at hubby's workplace, enjoying some peace & quiet as I figure this out.  Looking forward to it!