Friday, August 25, 2017

New Gear Day!

Today I went to Renaissance Strings in Nottingham, NH and got to pick out a new violin!  This was a reward from hubby for a lot of stuff we've been going through lately.  Jim at Renaissance was wonderfully patient as I tried out half a dozen violins and finally made a decision.

I got a lovely case, with hygrometer, violin blanket, and room for two bows.  It is brown suede, and has two straps.  You can attach them to one or both sides of the case, to use as a shoulder strap or backpack-style.

Besides the case, I got a Kun shoulder rest, and a new bow!  (Hubby was amazingly generous.)

The violin is made by Savannah Strings, with boxwood pegs, tailpiece and chinrest, and ebony fingerboard.  I love the antique finish!

It has a one piece back with gorgeous wood.

This is my marvelous carbon fiber bow.  It feels so smooth and well-balanced in my hand.

I am beyond delighted and can't wait to go practice!