Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Productive Day!

Two finishes, and a chore accomplished!

First up was a hoodie I finished for my grandson about a month ago.  It has been sitting around waiting for a zipper. I ordered one online, only to find it was much too long (by about 2 inches!  I have no idea how I measured that!)  I ordered a new zipper online last week, and it arrived 2 days ago.  This morning I spent some time pinning the zipper in - which includes unrolling the edge of the knitting, pinning in place, setting up the sewing machine (with zipper foot), finding the gray thread...  I held the edge of the knitting in place with the point of my scissors as I fed it into the sewing machine, an inch at a time.  I had to stop frequently to take out the next pin, reposition, etc.

After the first pass I turned the sweater over and sewed another seam from the edge of the zipper inside the sweater.

It turned out good!  I stitched the edges of the zipper down on the inside, then had a few stitches to sew (with the original yarn) to attach the ribbing of the hood to the top edge of the seam near the zipper.


Grandson is pretty happy with it!  It actually fits pretty well - just a bit big, and he will certainly grow into that!  Should fit him nicely through next spring, I hope.  The yarn was Patons Canadiana (purchased at Hooked Knitting, in Essex, MA, during the Knit North Yarn Crawl earlier this year).  The pattern is called Moera, purchased & downloaded from Ravelry.

The second finish is a baby sweater.  This is the Baby Gansey Crossover Coat, from the book One Skein Wonders for Babies.  Last week I had finished most of this.  I had just one sleeve/side seam and the buttons to attach.  

I finished this one this afternoon, too!  The giftee is supposed to be picking it up later this week.

The chore was switching out the coats on the sheep.  They were outgrowing their coats (growing a nice coat of wool for me to spin next year!) and needed larger coats.  Last week I ordered a new set of coats from the Gypsy Tinker.  I have seen her set up at NH Sheep & Wool, and had a chance to talk to her when I went to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool last month.

These are my two Jacob girls, wearing their old coats, along with the new coats I want to put on them.  I lured them into the stall with some corn, then shut the door.

I usually just grab one sheep (horns are convenient handles at times) and hold onto it between my knees while I try to replace the coat.  This time I decided to use the sheep/goat halter to tie up one sheep at a time while I changed the coat.  I had to remove the rear legs from leg straps, pull it over the head (requires untying the halter from the wall), put the new coat over the head while the sheep is untied, then attach the halter to the wall again as I get the rear legs into the straps.  It was much easier with the sheep held stationary!  Here is a picture of one in a new coat (light colored) and one in the old coat - next in line (tan coat - it's actually a different color, not just very dirty).

Second sheep done, just before I took the halter off and let them back outside.

Last of all, I have finished making up all the corn bag heating pads!  I made 50 of them all together, and will enjoy handing these out for Christmas gifts!

As of today, I have 3 Fair Isle hats I would like to finish for Christmas, and (what seems like) plenty of time to do it!  After that I can get back to warping my loom, and working on my cross stitch piece, "Master."

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