Friday, November 25, 2016

Knitting & Weaving

I'm still working on Christmas.  We have most of the gifts either finished or purchased, with just a few kids left to buy for.  I still have 3 hats I'd like to do - one is half done (the elephant hat - aka Rose & Lily).

The other two are Pandamonium (with pandas!) and Witch Cats Hat, which I plan to do in pink (with black cats).

Yesterday I watched the first set of David Mullarkey DVDs, on Card Weaving (aka Tablet Weaving).  I think I may eventually be able to wrap my head around that technique.  Tonight I warped up my inkle loom for a guitar strap.  If it comes out good, that may also end up as a Christmas gift.

Looking forward to starting the weaving tomorrow!

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