Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New toys!

Some new toys ordered recently arrived today!

The first is a collapsible one-yard Niddy Noddy, from Katrinkles on Etsy.  It's made from bamboo; ingenious design!  I borrowed one with a similar design, made of plastic, at the Topsfield Fair spinning bee, and when I went looking for one, this is what I found.  I have a few other items from Katrinkles' Etsy shop, and have been quite pleased with them.

The second is a travel lazy kate.  This is also from Etsy, from a shop called Ogledesign.  I saw someone using one of these - this exact design and maker - at the St Distaff's Day gathering in January, and really liked it.  This photo shows it in use.  This is mine (maple) when closed.
This is what you see when you open it.  The pegs that form the supports for the kate and for the bobbins are stored inside.  A strong magnet keeps it closed.  The two shorter pegs support the kate; the three longer ones hold bobbins.  It is wonderfully compact, and a very clever design.
This is what it looks like set up.  The pegs hold the bobbins.  They are lightly tensioned due to their position on the kate.  It might be possible to add a little more tension with a string or rubber band; I'll have to experiment.
Both of these will be useful for spinning gatherings or competitions in the future.  I’m looking forward to using them!  For now they will reside in the Zuca case, with my Hansen Mini spinner and all of its accessories.

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