Friday, January 15, 2016

Another finish

It took a couple of days for my recent works to dry after being washed!  The first is these two skeins of Jacob.  What a lofty, squishy wool!  I love this stuff!  

I have one skein at 270 yds, 5.4 oz (153 gr) and one at 330 yds, 6.1 oz (175 gr) so about 600 yds, 11.5 oz.  I took a close-up to try to capture the rich color.  Still didn't quite manage, but it's closer.

I also washed up a bag of Polwarth I got at the Jan 3 St Distaff Day spinning event I attended.  This was in the silent auction, and my initial bid of $5.00 won it.  Nobody else wanted it, apparently.  (There was a lot of awesome stuff there, to be sure!)

It started out as just over 7 oz.  I washed it, and it took two days to dry.  I finally resorted to drying it in my oven (gas range with pilot light, the oven stays at a consistent 100 degrees or so).   The finished wool weighs in at 4.91 oz (139.6 gr).  It lost about 28% of its weight, in grease and dirt, after washing.  I love the colors in this little batch of wool!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First skeins

I have now finished two projects on my Hansen Mini-spinner.  Both of them were skeins of singles that had been sitting around for quite some time (like years) and needed to be plied.  The first set is now finished - plied, skeined, washed, weighed & measured.  The second set has been plied, skeined and washed, and is now drying, so those will be photographed later.

I have two skeins of this med/dark gray medium wool (Romney type).

Together they total just about 600 yards, and just under a pound.  Technically this is supposedly a bulky weight but it looks more like a worsted weight (or perhaps "Aran" weight) to me.

I have also received my Zuca bag and, after several shopping trips, got it set up with some storage boxes. 

Between the multiple pockets in the Zuca bag itself and the storage boxes, I have all of my accessories (and then some).

These are my storage boxes.  I found one (the taller one) at Home Depot and the other (same size except for height) at Big Lots.  The spinner just fits on top, and the boxes fit nicely in the Zuca bag.

The bottom one has whichever flyer I'm not currently using (right now the lace flyer, as I've been plying with the WooLee Winder flyer) as well as extra bobbins (broken down), drive band for the unused flyer, and oil tube (SuperLube).  The top one has the RavPower battery adapters, so I can charge just about anything, and associated electric cords for the battery and spinner. 

Now that I have the two sets of old singles plied, I plan to get back to some laceweight soon.  

Friday, January 1, 2016

What a great way to ring out the old year!

We had a fantastic last day of 2015 yesterday!

I have finally reached the lace portion of the Perimetera shawl, and am waiting on some confirmation of the instructions from the creator before I continue.  In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy, because my ordered-on-Christmas gift has arrived!  It was a very exciting day, as I cyber-stalked the delivery of my Hansen MiniSpinner!

The box arrives.

Unboxing.  The excitement builds.

The bundle option included just about everything.  Here are some extras.  An orifice threader, orifice reducers (for spinning thinner yarns, and laceweight), assorted extra drive bands/ brake bands/ tools.

 Maintenance kit - SuperLube grease and oil (silicone based, my favorites!), brake bands/drive bands, wool picker to clean stray fibers away.  I use SuperLube on my treadle sewing machines, and TriFlow spray (also silicone) on many things.  This shot also inclueds the ends of the 3 lace breakdown bobbins.

A quill for end-of-the-tip spinning (like a walking wheel or charkha), doubles as a bobbin winder! Yay!

A Woolee Winder flyer and bobbin!  I have wanted one of these for many years, for plying!

Here are the three lace bobbins, assembled.  The lace flyer included with the spinner also has a bobbin on it, for a total of four.  (I will be needing a travel kate, obviously.)

Finally, the cords (white box on the bottom - wall plug and car adapter) and the machine!

This is the little beauty herself.  I don't normally name my machines, whether treadle or electric sewing machines or spinning wheels (although one of my guitars is named Violet, because she's purple.  The Taylor remains unnamed as of yet) but this one may need a name.  She speaks to me.

This is the fiber sample that came with the machine.  This is 15 grams (0.53 ounce) of Abstract Fiber, and the card says "Merino 40%/ SW Merino 40%/ Silk 20%" in colorway The Gorge.  Now to see what kind of laceweight yardage I can get from it.

My RavPower 23000 battery has arrived and been charged and tested with the spinner, and works wonderfully.  I'm still awaiting delivery of my purple Zuca bag for storage, travel, and spinning table.  That, unfortunately, is not due to arrive until next week.  I tried to track down a couple of (non-purple) Zuca bags on Craigslist at a significant cost reduction.  We lost one at the last moment, when the Craigslist seller had two of us showing up to buy it and sold it to the other guy before I got out of my car.  Huge disappointment!  After that hubby let me spend some of our Christmas gift cash on an Amazon card to order the purple bag.  

To end the last day of 2015, we went to see the new Star Wars movie!  I thought it was great!  There were many scenes that were reminiscent of the original (now known as Episode IV), and I had lines from the original pop into my mind frequently.  (It's not my fault!)  I found it tremendously enjoyable!  I will definitely be buying that one as soon as it comes out on DVD!

Happy New Year, everyone, and I wish you all a wonderful 2016!  I'm hoping this year will be the year I finally get a Longest Thread entry (or three) mailed off to the Bothwell Spin-in!