Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekend sewing

I've been a little busy this weekend.  I did some cutting for border pieces, for finished tops.  I still have lots of that to do - one border for Susan's Folly needs 624 1.5-inch squares!  I was definitely easily distracted as I tried to clean off the kitchen table.  Our table frequently ends up being the biggest clutter spot in the house.

In the process of trying to clear the kitchen table, I finished two small projects.  The first was replacing the zipper in a bag for a friend.  The bag was a souvenir of a trip to Hawaii.  Two weeks ago I went to Joann Fabrics with the bag and found thread and a zipper in colors that were very close to the original.  I couldn't match the zipper pull or the thicker teeth of the original zipper, but I think the repair looks good anyway.

I also finished a small project that's kind of been hanging around for a few years.  Last week, when I was raiding the fabric stash looking for something else entirely, I came across some fabric with (what I believe to be) Japanese kanji.  I had purchased that piece of fabric years ago to make a pillowcase for my daughter.  I have recently come across several good pillowcase tutorials, and used this tutorial to make the pillowcase.  And now my daughter can finally have her pillowcase!

I told hubby that the tutorial made it so simple, I may have to make a few for us - Star Trek pillowcases, perhaps, and Star Wars, and Border collies, and maybe kitties!